User Manual


  1. Click Sign in or Register at the top right corner
  2. Two forms will open at left-hand side. Sign in Form for  registered stakeholders on Right-hand side and  Register Form for non-registered stakeholders
  3. 3. In Register form fill information below

Username: ie. Uhuru Labs

Email: ie.

Password: Choose a strong password

Then click button SIGN UP 

  1. Sign In Form, insert your user name and password

Note: In case you forget your password, click Forget Password then a new window will open, enter your Email address and follow the steps to create a new password.

Password: Put your registered Password

your email address then you will change new password

  1. On top right corner click ‘Add Listing’

2.All listing/categories will pop-up, Choose the Listing/category type that you fit in Eg. Incubator, Funder etc.

  1. Add in all required information i.e.
  • Name of Organization/Startup etc
  •  Description-- (Keep it short and compelling )
  •  Tagline--(i.eMotto, if any.)
  •  Logo--(Upload your logo if any. )
  •  Location--(Pin the location the office )
  •  Region-- (eg. Dodoma)
  •  District--(eg. Kinondoni )
  •  Ward-- eg. Mikocheni B)
  •  Street--(eg. Lukuledi Street)
  •  Postal Address--( eg. P.O.Box 232, Dodoma, Tanzania)
  •  Phone Number--(eg. +255 756******)
  •  Fax--(eg. +255-22-223 2075/9 )
  •  Contact Email--(eg.
  •  Website--(eg.
  •  Social media networks--(eg. htpps://
  •  Gallery Images--(Upload the images of your products/services you offered note: Maximum file size: 360 MB.)
  • Upload cover Image
  • Add working hours (Hours are in 12 format )
  • Add Sub Category
  • Targeted Group--(Select your  Targeted Group in list)
  •  Sector--( Select sectors you are engaged in )
  •  Related Listing--(If you have other interested listing/category you can select)
 Certificate of Registration--(Upload Certificate of Registration eg. BRELA)

Filter box is located at the left hand side beside Map

Below are steps you can use to filter (search) Information based on Listing/category type

  1. Click the arrow at the top right and to find list of stakeholders (listing types) Eg.Innovators, Hubs, Network etc. Choose what you want . Note: If you choose all – all listing types will appear

Note: If you choose innovators, then only Innovators will be filtered on the Map and the listing.

  1. Search box: This is a place where you can search for specific Information you want. Eg. Innovators,Business etc
  2. Sub Category: You can filter information by category when you know exactly what sub category you want.
  3. 4. Mode of Payment: This filter mode is only appearing on Hubs and Incubators/accelerators
  4. Sectors: There are several sectors listed that you can choose anyone  eg. agriculture etc
  5. Target group: You can choose any of listed targeted group eg. Children or Disabled people etc.
  6. Region: You can also filter your information through selecting regions

Map are located in right hand side Opposite to Filter Menu. 

Here are the simple tips on how to use it effectively

  1.  Zoom In(+)--Viewing details closer
  2. Zoom Out(-)--See general map 
  3. Full Screen Mode--Expand the map into a full screen. Once you finished using the full screen mode you can click it again to view it into the normal scale.
  4.  Point Position-- This is used to pin your current location (locating where you are)