Innovation Ecosystem Map of Tanzania

History of the Innovation Ecosystem Map

HDIF initiated a process in 2016 to run a study of the Tanzanian Innovation Ecosystem and document the ecosystem players on an online map platform ( The goal of the mapping was to increase HDIF’s and innovation stakeholders’ understanding of the key players and actors in the innovation ecosystem, with the aim of improving connections and collaborations between players to help inform future programming and understand the landscape and gaps in the innovation sector.

In 2018, OpenMap Development Tanzania (OMDTZ)━a mapping organization guided by the principles of free and open source software became the successor in mapping the ecosystem with the new OMDTZ’s main role for the development of this map is to administer the map, to create community ownership and to review the mapping technologydeveloping a new platform━making it more interactive and easy to network within the ecosystem.

OMDTZ supported by HDIF developed this new platform to involve more stakeholders in the ecosystem, not only by making them visible on the map but also creating a networking system for all stakeholders to interact.

About Innovation Ecosystem Map of Tanzania

Innovation ecosystem map in Tanzania is an online interactive map, showing vast information about the innovators in the country. The map acts as an online ‘hub’ where investors or any interested stakeholder can find detailed information about the innovators and entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

The map includes funders and/or investors, donors, lenders, educational institutions, hubs, incubators, NGOs  and others who support startups.